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The SLAM - Smart, Living, & Active Matter - initiative unites theory and experimental groups of the Leiden Institute of Physics. It currently gathers the groups of Luca Giomi, Louise Jawerth, Daniela Kraft, Martin van Hecke, Silke Henkes and Alexandre Morin.

SLAM symposium on Active Solids

The SLAM symposium on Active Solids which took place on June 4th was a succes!

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2024-07-18 - 13:30 @

SLAM Seminar: Katie Newhall (Daniela's guest)

Title: Effective thermal equilibrium induced by crosslinking proteins in polymer chromosome model

Abstract: Biological systems under the influence of microscale active agents such as proteins are frequently modeled using stochastically-switching forces as the agents shift between different states.  These rapidly switching forces are often on timescales faster than the time to reach thermal equilibrium, thus the system is in a constant state of disequilibrium.  In one example system, a bead-spring polymer model of chromosomes with additional crosslinking stochastically-switching forces, slow crosslinking leads to no clusters, fast crosslinking produces rigid slowly changing clusters, while intermediate timescales produce flexible clusters that mediate gene interaction, consistent with experimental results. By mathematically analyzing different relative scalings of the two sources of stochasticity, thermal fluctuations and the force induced by the transient crosslinks, we predict these three distinct regimes of cluster behavior. In the two regimes with clusters, we find an effective energy or quasipotential for the system that accurately predicts the lifetime of clusters.